Living Wage DC

Think Local First DC was awarded a grant by the Department of Small and Local Business Development to establish a Living Wage Certification Program within the Department. The Living Wage Certification Program will certify employers that meet the requirements of the program established below. We are conducting quantitive research and we need your help as local independent businesses in the District by completing this 2-minute survey.Per the Living Wage Certification Program in the DC Code, (§ 2–218.15. Living Wage Certification Program), the criteria will be the following:

  1. Pays its employees, including independent contractors, a living wage[1].
  2. Commits to paying its employees and independent contractors a living wage for the duration of the certification.
  3. Maintains its primary office in the District.
  4. Possesses all current business licenses and clean hands certificate[2].
  5. Certifies that at least a majority of its owners are District residents or that at least a majority of its employees are District residents.

We invite you to read more on the program at § 2–218.15. Living Wage Certification Program and we look forward to your support.