Building Effective Teams For Social Impact | Think Local First DC Webinar

Whether seeking to grow a business or build a local, sustainable economy, success depends on the ability of people to work well together. Attendees joined Think Local First DC and Shifting Patterns to equip themselves with the tools to build effective teams and overcome common obstacles to teamwork.

The presentation was delivered by Kimberley Jutze, a social activist and founder of Shifting Patterns Consulting, which is a Certified B Corporation that transforms teams for more effective social impact. An experienced organization development practitioner, Kimberley helps socially responsible business and nonprofit leaders identify what’s really getting in the way of teamwork, build the skills to address these challenges, and put a support system in place to maintain improved performance. Kimberley has worked with a variety of leadership teams, a national alliance, and a global virtual team. Learn more about Kimberley and Shifting Patterns at